On the snail trail in Brighton

Tracking down the Godly gifts

The tireless Godchecker God Squad has spent the past few days tracking down festive gifts for our loyal acolytes.

While in sunny Brighton, UK, we discovered a promisingly godlike Easter Island café – which turned out to be run by the forces of chaos. Just don’t even ask. When you find sugar in the salt cellar and a stunning lack of chairs and cutlery (not to mention a missing salad and lashings of unwanted milk), you know that the great God SNAFU is at work.

Luckily we found spiritual sustenance at the Great Brighton God Shop, otherwise known as Villa & Hut. A great effigy of the Holy Snail™ was on display and this now takes pride of place at Godchecker HQ. See it here

Villa & Hut have more Gods than you can shake a drumstick at – and come highly recommended by the Chief Godchecker himself. Why not pay them a visit at 40 Sydney Street, Brighton, East Sussex, UK, and see what you can pick up in their January Snail?

(Note: No money changed hands in the writing of this review. Unfortunately.)


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