No dice with ungodly games

Godchecker Game news

The Godchecker Game continues to expand in all directions. Just before Xmas we produced a limited edition mini-version for testing purposes, and this was so fabulously good that we might make it available to our loyal visitors.

Catch a sneaky preview of the game board in action at the Grand Godchecker Open Day (see below).

We’ve also been experimenting with T-shirt designs. Would you like to wear a God? Check out the latest ones at the Godshop.

Godchecker Open Day

News just in – there will be a grand Godchecker gathering on Saturday 26 January. This will take place at the Hub of the Universe in West Sussex, England, from midday to midnight. All are welcome, but some are more welcome than others. (Particularly those bearing holy offerings of wine, beer or chocolate.)

DRINK at the Fountain of Knowledge!
CAST a thunderbolt!
ASCEND the heavenly ladder!
HOB-NOB with Top Gods!
HAVE your prayers answered by experts!
SEEK the Holy Snail™ and win fabulous prizes!

If you’d like to attend, please email us for more info.


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