Line Dancing Planets – Special Report

Astrology is right after all!

The Roman Planet Suite is at its peak. (See our original story here.)

Godchecker’s CEO, Chas Saunders, put the Gods to the test by risking life and limb in a trip to the seaside. He reports:

It is TRUE! The queues are shorter in supermarkets. (We avoided supermarkets for two weeks so the queues were, ipso facto, reduced. QED.)

And trains have run on time! A journey to Eastbourne, involving five connections, dovetailed perfectly. There was only one slight delay – caused by a distracted signalman gazing at the heavens. However, there were no planets visible as it was the middle of the day. How we smiled and chortled.

There was no sign of road rage, although we used a bus.

We did eschew McDonalds – I’m sure there is one in Eastbourne, but the Gods directed us to the Marine Pub where the burgers are succulent and specially made to a sacred bovine recipe.

What’s more, there’s now a Villa & Hut Godshop at 44 South Street. We raved about their branch in Brighton, and hope to visit their store in Australia as part of our Godchecker World Tour any decade now. (Villa & Hut sell all manner of authentic Godly statues and furniture, handcarved by devout wood-lovers in Bali. Their website is here. Tell them we sent you.)

We were then compelled to purchase five out-of-print Godly volumes from an antique bookstore – so necessary for our research.

And to finish the day, our corner store had exactly five bottles of Praga, our precious and rare Slavic brew.


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