Wonderful news from Lithuania!

A flood of new Gods

Extra special thanks to site visitor Rainer for sending more Gods our way.

Rainer tells us that the Gods of Lithuania are alive and well, and being worshipped under the mantle of Romuva. Furthermore, the habit has now spread to America.

The pagan religion of Lithuania contains many interesting Gods – including a God of Beer and a God of Marijuana. (No God of Chocolate though.)

This inspiring news has caused us to pore (rather than paw) over ancient maps and peer into history books – to find that Lithuania has always done its own thing.

The last country in Europe to accept Christianity, Lithuania has managed to keep its own language, not get poleaxed by the Poles, or be pushed out by Prussia. It still retains its own customs and identity, as a republic of Russia. The boundaries once spread from the Baltic to the Black Sea, including the Ukraine and large chunks of Western Russia. So know you know.

With our Deity Database being such an ongoing thing, the Slavic section will be undergoing a revamp to include many additional Lithuanian and Latvian Gods. Chas feels that Lithuanian mythology could be significant enough to warrant a whole new section in our database. We’ve done some preliminary research, and are now looking for genuine Lithuanian beer to give us further inspiration.

Big thanks to Rainer for tipping us off.


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