The Catflap of Correction

Egyptian Cat Goddess unbastardized

Godly correction alert: A concerned feline fan from New Zealand points out that Egyptian Cat Goddess BASTET is really the bastardized version of BAST – and not the other way round.

We knew it all along. Honestly we did. We were just the victims of an intellectual cat-fight. But now, delving deep into our resources, we’ve come up with *proof* that BAST is her proper name. It’s all to do with hieroglyphic confusion and alphabetic pollution. Go here for a precis.

By a Godly quirk of fate, we were just reading about missing half cats in the new book by Douglas Adams. It’s all his fault.

Big thanks to Jaqueline for bringing the matter to our reluctant attention. We’ve updated the Holy Database’s BAST article just for you – and our millions of loyal readers.

No-one is immune. There’s even a bastardized version of Jacqueline’s name – Jax  🙂


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