Ancient manuscripts arrive intact

Crumbly Greek Myths in the mailbox

Superhuge thanks to Rob Skedgell from London, England, who very kindly sent us two incredibly ancient volumes of The Greek Myths by Robert Graves (awesome author of I, Claudius). These were printed in 1962 and the ravages of time have not entirely spared them. In fact they are distinctly crumbly.

Rob writes: “I hope you find the enclosed of some use. Both volumes are falling apart quite badly, but they could probably withstand another read-through before they crumble to dust. I’m fairly sure that all pages are accounted for, but they have been lurking in a dark corner since I replaced them with a non-disintegrating hardback copy. If I hadn’t found your site, I could have been forced to do the unthinkable and bin them.”

Rob also pointed out that RHEA’s entry in the Holy Database is a little misleading. However, that’s all set to change with the New Revised Edition, coming soon! Meanwhile, we’re reading The Greek Myths with diligent care, with brush and pan standing by to collect the dust.

A big Godchecker thanks goes out to Rob for his kind attention.


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