Confused? Need guidance? Consult the Oracle!

July 22, 2002

Interactive answers to life’s great mysteries

The Godchecker Team is proud to present our first interactive feature – the Holy Oracle! Ask your questions and receive top-notch pearls of wisdom from our expert with the entrails!

The Holy Oracle is currently holding consultations in our Words of Wisdom department. No appointment is necessary. And as soon as he’s answered enough of our questions, we’ll be giving him a page of his own…


Happy Birthday to us

July 16, 2002

The Godchecker website is a year old this month

In that time the site has grown from a tiny seed into the mighty sapling you now behold. This time next year we expect to have taken over the web completely. We aim to be the Yggdrasil of websites.

Special message from Chas

At Godchecker HQ, we are surprised and delighted with all the wonderful folk who have responded so enthusiastically to our site. The emails from all over the Earth, and possibly beyond, are greatly appreciated. We have been showered with information, advice, queries and congratulations, all in a spirit of camaderie that has restored our faith in almost everything. The best messages are now kept in a file labelled ‘Songs Of Praise’ – and we think the Gods are well pleased.

In over a year we have received only one adverse piece of nonsense. This was from a tetchy non-entity who threatened to take legal action if we didn’t remove him from our email list. Ye Gods! NO-ONE has to stay on the list if they don’t wish. There is no pressure. We are not Gods of Spam. Anyway, the bad flavor has been expunged and will never hear from us again. But if a vengeful God visits in the night and fills his nose with bogies, he’ll won’t know it’s us and will be unable to issue idiotic threats.

For the rest of our loyal acolytes, we love you all! And if we can’t respond to every individual message, it’s not because we don’t want to. It’s the limitations of time, space, and trying to keep one step ahead of Chaos.

Keep jumpin’ children, the Gods need you. Bounteous blessings to you all.

The Golden Apple Mac of Wisdom

July 16, 2002

Our e-cup runneth over

Will wonders never cease? Chas Saunders, our Godchecker-In-Chief, has now taken delivery of an Apple Mac computer. The Hub of the Universe is now filled with clicks, whirrs and the sound of electronic ducks.

Chas is currently transferring the Holy Database onto the Holy Hard Drive, and we’re hopeful that productivity will be boosted dramatically. It’s a happy day for Godchecking when data can be transferred via floppy disk rather than a clay tablet.