Holy android!

Mickey Mouse baffled by Bible bots

Religious tongues are wagging over The Scriptorium, a Holy Theme Park which recently opened in Orlando, FL. The Scriptorium — an educational entertainment complex — is stuffed full of authentic religious artefacts, including rare scrolls and manuscripts from the Judaeo-Christian faith. It also contains a number of slightly less authentic items, including a bearded robot theologian and mechanical giraffes from a less-than-shipworthy Noah’s Ark.

The idea is to bring Bible history to life for a generation of jaded youngsters, using animation, computers and androids. However, we can’t help feeling that most modern youngsters would prefer a more meaty representation. Such as a live re-enactment of the Spanish Inquisition or a good old-fashioned stoning.

Mickey Mouse probably has little to fear from metal monks and robotic plagues of locusts. What the Bible has to say about mammon and false profits is another matter. But The Scriptorium’s controversial application for tax-exempt status has set us thinking. So watch out for the Godchecker Theme Park, complete with state-of-the-art robot Gods, metallic Mount Olympus and a plastic Heaven.

Enjoy the death-defying Ride of the Valkyries! Test your skill in the Sacrifice-A-Friend contest! Fun for all the family! A selection of minor deities will be on hand to grant boons, and fast food of the Gods will be served at the Holy McDeities™ Drive-In Tabernacle.

We’ll see you there. Look out for members of the Godchecker Team wearing mouse costumes, and of course our amazingly lifelike robot Chas.


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