Give us your groats

Godchecker Piggy Bank in zilch mode

Once again, the Godchecker Board Game and Playing Card pack has been put on hold. The Gods do not shower us with gold. Nor does anyone else. Even an odd bag of Euro Groats would be welcome. Much as we believe in freedom, we can’t give everything away. Computers have to be fed, and they are pretty insatiable.

But everything is ready. The board artwork is complete, the playing cards are beautiful to behold, and we’ve invented a truly ingenious method of packaging. All we need is some HARD CASH to get the thing printed and produced. You can help! Buy some of our stuff!

Or why not show you care with a tiny donation to Godchecker? Every little helps and you’ll find us extremely grateful. Just slice a tiny corner off the nearest dollar bill and send it here.


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