A very happy xxxxXmas

December 25, 2002

Good cheer to all

We’d like to wish everybody in the entire universe a happy, merry and cheerful Christmas. And that includes people who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Particular tidings of goodwill go out to all our loyal acolytes. Thanks for your tremendous support over the past year. We’ll be raising a glass of beverage to you as we tuck into our festive sandwiches.

Meanwhile, life goes on and we have some great things planned for the new year. Stay tuned!

All give thanks to our special patron God of the holiday season: the happy, smiling DU-NO-RONG. Isn’t he cute?


Godchecker flirts with Xmas goodies

December 10, 2002

Christmas is coming – get omnipresent presents!

GODCHECKER is now omnipresent. It no longer matters if you choose to ignore it or pretend it does not exist. It is HERE TO STAY. The Gods are lining up to be online.

With Godchecker, you will also get the bext gardening advice from those in charge of things that grow. Not to mention Food of the Gods Takeaway Tips. If you have truly tasteful morsels nestling in your refrigerator, why not treat yourself to one of our glorious GODCHECKER FRIDGE MAGNETS? Available almost immediately!

Following last year’s amazingly successful range of festive Godchecker cards, we’re pleased and proud to present a whole new batch of Xmas goodies. Fridge magnets! Door plaques! Books! And (hopefully) some rather funky Godchecker wearables. Watch this space for details, and keep an eye on the GodShop.