The power of KLUDGE

February 19, 2003

Technical tinkering under the God-hood

Seen the Holy Database lately? We’ve revamped it from top to bottom, purged it of impurities and zonked it to the brim with top quality guff. It’s now a thing of beauty and wonder. And all thanks to the power of KLUDGE.

What is this thing called KLUDGE? It’s a technical term. It’s the piece of string that holds the aeroplane together. It’s the lump of wood that props up a wonky table. It’s the bit of code that makes a computer work when it would prefer to crash around your ears.

The Holy Database is now run on KLUDGE power, with a dollop of PHP and a large helping of MySQL. You can browse Gods by country, view whatever pictures are available, and search entire mythologies for the Gods of practically everything. Every God and Goddess now has a special page devoted to them!

So please feel free to use the Holy Database for research, information, or fun. That’s what it’s there for. Meanwhile the search continues for the God of KLUDGE…


The Gods take a back seat

February 10, 2003

Profundities from our Godchecker-in-Chief

“The Gods are lazy sods. Although they smile on us, give us the odd nod and thumbs-up sign, they never lift a finger to help with the Godchecker Database. Not wearing watches or being alarmed by clocks, the Gods also keep well away from menial tasks and public transport.

“While we puny mortals scroll through scrolls, stand under standing stones, scratch our heads over runic cubes, sift sands for messages, read tomes on tombs and peer like seers into beer froth for hidden meanings (one of our favourites ) they just can’t be bothered. Yet we feel they do like to be noticed. They just can’t be bothered with interviews.

“All of which brings us to beg for patience as we struggle unaided to build the Holy Database, get the latest Godflash together, design merchandise and find a way to market the Godchecker Boardgame. Also do all the things listed in paragraph k2, answer emails, work on 1,700 illustrations and put together profiles on requested Gods. These may go straight into the Database with sponsorship notices on Godflash.

“Most of the spadework has been done on MORPHEUS, LILITH, YUAN-SHI, BUDDHA, BACCHUS, JUROJURIN, LOKI and DEMETER. There is still editing to do but we hope to be getting a laptop of the Gods to help with the Reservoir of Gods flooding our space.”

Happy New Year (Mk II)

February 1, 2003

Just when you thought it was over…

A good year for goats and black sheep

Chinese New Year begins today. We wish you good luck, best fortune and plenty of kung xi!

The Chinese calender has a fascinating origin, involving a bunch of animal Gods and a monsterous beast called Nien. Maybe next year we’ll tell you about it…

Meanwhile, 2003 is the Year of the Goat. Our astrologers predict wonderful things in store for woolly thinkers and black sheep of the family.