The power of KLUDGE

Technical tinkering under the God-hood

Seen the Holy Database lately? We’ve revamped it from top to bottom, purged it of impurities and zonked it to the brim with top quality guff. It’s now a thing of beauty and wonder. And all thanks to the power of KLUDGE.

What is this thing called KLUDGE? It’s a technical term. It’s the piece of string that holds the aeroplane together. It’s the lump of wood that props up a wonky table. It’s the bit of code that makes a computer work when it would prefer to crash around your ears.

The Holy Database is now run on KLUDGE power, with a dollop of PHP and a large helping of MySQL. You can browse Gods by country, view whatever pictures are available, and search entire mythologies for the Gods of practically everything. Every God and Goddess now has a special page devoted to them!

So please feel free to use the Holy Database for research, information, or fun. That’s what it’s there for. Meanwhile the search continues for the God of KLUDGE…


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