Evacuate! The Gods take refuge

March 20, 2003

Godchecker staff forced to flee as bombs found next door

Godchecker HQ was under siege yesterday after two home-made bombs were discovered in an adjacent building. These were described by police as ‘viable’ explosive devices.

With the UK on a high terrorism alert due to the volatile Iraq situation, police were taking no chances. The entire area was evacuated within minutes and army bomb disposal experts were called in. (Full story)

Meanwhile, Godchecker’s Peter A was faced with the age-old dilemma: if your house is burning down, what should you grab before making a sharp exit? With no time to run around like a headless chicken or even consult the Holy Oracle, he was forced to make some quick decisions.

Forsaking toothbrush, cuddly toy or change of underwear, Peter grabbed the Godchecker backup disk and a folder containing artwork for the latest Gods. If the world should end, at least the Gods would be safe. He then hot-footed it to the Hub of the Universe with his fingers in his ears.

As the story made international news, journalists, cameras and rubberneckers descended on the scene to watch the Royal Logistics Corp perform their explosive duty with amazing precision. The bombs were made safe overnight and a crisis was averted. Meanwhile, a large posse of officers from Sussex Police were on hand, both to ensure public safety and to offer support to the evacuees. They were all, without exception, amazingly helpful and friendly, and we would like to publicly thank them for doing a great job.

Meanwhile, Peter A and a host of evacuated Gods spent a somewhat nerve-wracking night at the Hub. Chas Saunders, always a good man in a crisis, rose to the occasion with his usual fortitude.

Two days after the alert, things are now returning to whatever passes for normal around here. Godchecker HQ is one of a number of buildings cordoned off to the casual terrorist, with all visitors required to pass through a checkpoint charlie while the investigation continues. At present we are probably the safest mythology website in the world!

The Gods are currently being issued with security passes.