America’s oldest God revealed

Staff God still smiling after 4,253 years

Fragments of gourd found in Peru have revealed the oldest known image of a God in the American continent.

Known as the ‘Staff God’, this fanged deity with a shamanic pole was a major player in Andean culture and was still going strong during the final days of the Incan empire. The image, a cartoon-like painting on gourd pottery, dates to approx 2250 BC.

“To find something like this preserved… is being blessed by the Gods.” Richard Burger, Yale Peabody Museum. We heartily agree.

Full story is here. Our illustration (above), based on images by Jonathan Haas and Jill Seagard, has been embellished by Godchecker photo enhancement for easier visual recognition. Incidentally, Haas and Seagard are part of the Field Museum, Chicago, which is also home to Sue, the famous T-Rex. A visit is highly recommended.


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