Gods on the move

Summertime and the livin’ ain’t easy.

Contrary to popular belief, the Gods do not shower Godchecker with riches. It’s mostly plagues of snails and frogs, and Sisyphus endurance tests.

At the Hub of the Universe, a Raven flew down the chimney to warn us about something. After cleaning him up a bit, under the soot there was only a starling. Which shortly afterwards proved that a bird in the hand will crap on your fingers. It’s been that kind of week…

Trials and Tribulations #1 : Saga of the stolen domain name

Unhappy with our web host facilities, we tried to re-locate Godchecker to a funky new server in Canada. But for some reason, it turned out that our hosting company had deported the domain name to a company in Australia. Without telling us! The Gods were most displeased.

Our attempts to contact the Oz company (which will remain nameless) were thwarted on every side by timezone trouble and office hours which bordered on the non-existent. Our expensive conversations with Australian answering machines drove us into a frenzy, and when the Oz personnel did deign to show up for work, the phones were permanently engaged.

It took the combined efforts of technicians in Scotland, America, Canada and Australia to sort out the mess. Kafka, Orwell and Gilliam would have been proud of us. Phone calls, faxes and emails were flying around like crazy. But after much hassle and leaping out of windows in despair, we are free at last!

Trials and Tribulations #2 : The Gods get evicted

Godchecker HQ is based a mere stone’s throw from the Hub of the Universe. Unfortunately, the lease on our unholy building has unexpectedly been withdrawn, leaving us with less than 2 months to find suitable accomodation.

Chas, our Godchecker-in-Chief, dwells at the Hub of the Universe. Which is much smaller than you would imagine and already houses a reference library, votive drums and an overflowing studio, not to mention 2,000 Gods nipping in and out with their résumés. The Hub is already close to implosion and any further burden would cause the Universe to undergo gravitational collapse.

Temporary crash-out space at the Hub is available, but ‘crash’ is not a word to be used lightly in the world of computerised Kludge. So Peter A, our Assistant Godchecker, needs a Cave of Refuge with space for Computer Technology, Graphic Design and a Piano. Godchecker is already running on a shoe string – does anyone have a really huge shoe to spare that is not full of children?


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