Raining Cats and Gods

Deluged by a flood of emails

At Godchecker it is raining Cats and Gods. Hits are coming in like hailstones and seas of emails are piling up on the beaches. But don’t stop – we love it. All you amazingly fabulous folk that take an interest are the very lifeblood of the Gods.

We do give many individual replies and there is always a plethora of correspondence on the go. All emails are under an ever-ongoing scrutiny. So please be patient as we have to evade Godlock. Many of your queries are still under research and all your words have been immortalised in our ‘Songs of Praise’ file – even those that upbraid and admonish us. (Precious few do, but they’re still precious.) Remember a God isn’t just for life!

We’re working on a Forum section which will make it much easier to handle your enquiries. Stay tuned for that. Many of your requests are already swanning around in our 200 gigabytes of material, much of which is being amalgamated into our Database reconstruction which is like bricklaying at the rate of one God per brick. The cement keeps drying as we have not yet found the perfect mixer. Now who’s got the trowel?

Thank you to all concerned, and may the Gods shower blessings upon you.


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