Great Gods and Little Fishes

More hits than you can shake a stick at…

The whole GODCHECKER project is run by two aspiring immortals, well versed in the skill of invisibility. The only thing that saves us from starvation or demolition by thunderbolts is our immortality. Even this is on leasehold and we have to purchase top-ups from the Fountain of Knowledge.

Due to unsolicited and unexpected GODLICITY via Google, Fortean Times, Fox News, and many other perusers, our bandwidth is expanding to explosion point. We must be doing something right. We had so many hits last month that the Holy Database broke down under the strain. Huge thanks to TERA-BYTE, who moved us to a new server and did everything possible to keep the Gods online.

In case you were wondering, our profit margin has not yet materialised. The kind and wonderful people who send donations have kept GODCHECKER afloat. Similarly all GODSHOP sales have been re-invested. We’ve survived on Faith, Hope and Charity so far, but our popularity is getting out of control without some help on the materialistic side of things.

We are now looking for some sort of Messiah, Guardian Angel or Godgrant. Up till now Godchecker has been run on a shoestring without ever getting any shoes. We are the original barefoot pilgrims. The Gods may have told us to do it but they didn’t say how. Anyone got any ideas?

We are not asking for thousands of sympathy e-mails, and we will not sell our souls to Mammon – but reputable agents or publishing concerns should know where to find us by now. Behind our cloaks of invisibility we are becoming very approachable.

Blessings to all our many and varied supporters from the Gods of your choosing.


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