The never-ending quest for perfection…

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes. Here’s a list of new stuff we’ve been working on:

Deity Of The Day feed

Every day we feature a new God plucked at random from our database. We’re now offering this as a freebie add-on for your website or blog. Just copy and paste a simple piece of holy javascript into your html code, and your site will have an automatically updated daily God.

Deity Of The Day is also available as an RSS feed.


A brand new addition to the Holy Database, this will sort the Gods from the mortals, and the demons from the fabulous beasts. No longer will we get people complaining that Ragnarok isn’t a God! You’ll also be able to search for legendary heroes or mythological events. Coming soon!

More Merch

We’ve now added a Button Badge section to the GodShop, and also a Mouse Pad section. New T-shirts are also on the way!

New Gods coming soon

The Oceanic pantheon is almost ready for uploading. Then we plan to polish off the Mesopotamians. As well as the remaining pantheons, we also have South American, Indonesian and Carribbean Gods in the pipeline… Stay tuned!


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