Outrage over Jesus depicted with stonkingly huge penis

Controversial Jesus image - Click for a closer view

Not your usual church member

Oklahoma churchgoers are ‘outraged’ over a crucifix in a Catholic church which allegedly shows the erect private parts of Jesus.

Despite being based on traditional non-pornographic church art, the controversial crucifix, which hangs above the main altar in St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Warr Acres,  seems to depict the Saviour with a gargantuan member.

Not only that, but the member appears to be in a state of excitement, giving worshippers an entirely unwelcome meaning to the phrase ‘the Passion of Christ’.

Mark Gilmore, friend of artist Janet Jaime who was commissioned to create the crucifix image, explained that the controversial section was in fact supposed to be Jesus’s abdomen and that any resemblance to a penis was entirely accidental.

Rude Jesus in situ - Click for larger view

“She is very serious about her religion, ” he commented, “and wouldn’t in the slightest possibility ever imagine wanting to sneak a pee-pee onto Jesus.”

The crucifix is now in the process of being altered by the artist to reduce the unfortunate resemblance.

Update 14/05/2010:  The priest who commissioned the controversial artwork has been ‘reassigned’. Full story.


3 Responses to Outrage over Jesus depicted with stonkingly huge penis

  1. Alisin says:

    I don’t get why people freak out about a Jesus with Penis (JWP). Man was supposed to be made in his image, so why wouldn’t he be erect?

  2. anonymous says:

    wait, that ISN’T supposed to look like a winky? she does a really bad abdomen paint job if thats the case.

  3. It wasn’t intended to be a giant schlong. It is a ripped abdomen.

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