Missives from the Hub of the Universe

Snail mail arrived at Godchecker HQ this morning from our very own Chas Saunders. For your edification we present his wise words:

That CHAS bloke has writ annuver book and is now a WRECKERNISED ORFER. You can’t see it rite now cos its wiv a PUBLISHER. (We know Chas spends a lotta time in Pubs but we dunno what this Lishing stuff is.)

PETER A the VoodooGuru has DEFECATED to another locashun and now rites on the TWITTERBLOG. We fink ‘e is being followed…

There is also a poem which is apparently entitled ‘Brain Drain’:


My wits have wittered and withered away.
My brain has gone on holiday
I cannot find a piece of mind.

My bubbles of thought have all gone ‘sploff’
The top of my head is badly off
Beyond all reason, beyond all doubt
My inner self has fallen out.

Scribbled across the pink parchment are the words BUT WE MADE IT!


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