Odds, Sods and Gods

New ‘modern’ pantheon in the pipeline

By extraordinarily popular request – via email, twitter and clay tablet hurled through our windows on a regular basis – we are planning to add a new pantheon to Godchecker.

This pantheon will include Gods, Goddesses and spiritual beings of the modern world. Finally we will have a suitable home in our Holy Database for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, Athe (God of Atheists), JR “Bob” Dobbs , Tolkien and Cthulu entities and maybe even some Twitter Gods of our acquaintance.

This is probably the most exciting thing to happen to Godchecker since yesterday. We are temporarily calling this new pantheon ‘Goddities’. Feedback most welcome.

If our loyal followers have any suggestions for modern, fictional or otherwise apocryphal Gods we can include, please feel free to drop us a suggestion in the comments, or tweet us.


2 Responses to Odds, Sods and Gods

  1. Michael says:

    You should add a Irish mythology section to http://www.Godchecker.com!

  2. Eilena says:

    Here are a couple of goddesses you can add to your goddities list should you feel compelled. 🙂

    Asphalta – The goddess of the roads, call upon her to protect you from a car accident, flat tire, speeding ticket or other vehicular mishap.

    Squat – The Goddess of the Parking Lot, Call upon her when you need to get a really good parking spot in a hurry!

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