World Music Gods

Seun Kuti, Afrobeat God - Click for larger view.Pic by Peter A 14/05/2010

The Godchecker Tribal Music Division reports that TONY ALLEN, the world’s greatest living drummer, and SEUN KUTI, extraordinary Afrobeat God, were in magical form at the Brighton Festival last Saturday.

Introduced by BRIAN ENO, artistic director of the festival, the show was a thumping, pumping extravaganza of  irresistible drumming, heaven-sent music and outrageous leopardskin theatre.

While the laid-back legend Tony Allen flipped his backbeats into hypnotic arrays of rhythm without breaking a sweat, the rising star Seun Kuti jerked and flipped across the stage like a man possessed by the very spirit of Afrobeat. The crowd held on for dear life, sweat and shoes flying in all directions as the very hall threatened to catch alight.

Stirring the spirit with ancient Yoruba battle cries and a message of peace and solidarity, we conclude that Afrobeat is in safe hands and the future looks bright indeed.

Highlights of the Brighton Fest, including a snippet of Seun Kuti and his amazing pyjamas, will be broadcast on the BBC Culture Show shortly. Official Twitter: @bbccultureshow.

Incidentally, for those interested, we spotted an incognito NICK CAVE in the audience, but he vanished before we could check out his funky Afrobeat moves.


One Response to World Music Gods

  1. Nin Harris says:

    Very cool. Got to love Afro-beat and Seun does his dad’s legacy justice, I reckon. Had the pleasure of seeing both Seun Kuti and Tony Allen (with his band) perform at Womadelaide 2009. Cheers 🙂

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