KludgeFlash: Godchecker 2010 site upgrades

We are planning to brush away some of the site’s cobwebs and apply a little paint here and there in order to tug Godchecker into this dazzling new decade. With gleaming twitters and shiny facebooks springing up everywhere, we feel the Gods are looking a little dusty.

Our team of dedicated boffins have been working behind the scenery to bring you a cleaner, better, juicier Godchecker.com.  With much head-scratching and scrutinising of the Mysterious Clay Tablets of KLUDGE, their tireless labors have crept a tiny distance closer to the utter perfection of HTML NIRVANA and CSS HEAVEN.

While this spring cleaning session continues, we crave your patience and humbly ask that any glitches or issues you may discover while cruising the Godchecker site are reported to us via twitter or email.


One Response to KludgeFlash: Godchecker 2010 site upgrades

  1. The Hindu pantheon looks fantastic! I love your site, it’s helped me so much.

    Keep it up, and thanks!

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