Special Offer: FREE Steak Dinner for all Atheists!

Fancy a fine steak dinner tonight – absolutely free? Maine-based minister Daniel Shunk is generously offering a free steak meal to anyone who considers themselves to be an atheist.There’s no catch. All you need to do is not believe in any kind of God and that juicy steak is yours!

This delicious steak dinner can be yours absolutely FREE.

Oh, there is a condition or two. Dinner must be partaken in the company of Mr Shunk, and the conversation will largely consist of the pros and cons of evolutionary theory. (If you are of the female persuasion, an additional dinner guest in the form of Mrs Shunk will also be present.) We trust the conversation will be stimulating and the steaks not too well-done.

Another condition: you must be someone who teaches (or has taught) evolution. (We’re not sure if that applies solely to teaching formally in an academic setting. Presumably a parent innocently telling the scientific facts of life to their daughter might qualify, for example.)

If you’re such a hungry atheist, head over to the special steak offer page at Evidently It’s True, Mr Shunk’s Christian ministry – which according to its website evidently has a few issues with science, and evolution in particular.

The ministry is already championing BOOK TRUTH DAYS, at which children and adults are encouraged to collect and bring along books full of LIES.  “It is our goal to rid our community of all books that would LIE to our kids, particularly evolutionary LIES. ”

Examples of LIES include Cavemen, Gill Slits in Human Embryos or any book which includes the phrase ‘millions of years ago…’

If you know of any such books, please hand them over to the Book Truth organisation where they can be safely disposed of. Not only will you save children from LIES, you can also WIN GRAND PRIZES! Evidently, this is also true.

Update: Mr Shunk kindly pointed out a couple of errors in the above article which we hope are now fixed.

Thanks to @PhillisDorris for the heads-up. Ahem.


7 Responses to Special Offer: FREE Steak Dinner for all Atheists!

  1. T-rich says:

    this is classic

  2. Daniel Shunk says:

    Interesting article…however the title and premise of the article are in error, additionally there are a few typos including the actual name of the organization that you’re talking about.

    The website says that the offer is for anyone willing to talk about evolution if they have taught or are teaching evolution…not just for Atheists.

    The article writes ‘evidentally’ several times where it seems that it wants to write the word evidently. Seems to make sense since the name of the organization is Evidently It’s True.

    Seems to make sense to me if people just sit down over a meal to reason thru a matter, what say you?

    • Peter A says:

      Hi. Thanks for your feedback. We’ve updated the piece which hopefully is more accurate and less typo-y.

  3. margaret s. e. says:

    If the person who wrote this article would just have taken the TIME to call Dan,and make a dinner date and talk, he would not have had to write this knid of article. I’ll personally send Dan the $20.00 to pay for the meal. For what you will learn will start you on the way to clearer thinking. Look for the check in the mail Dan, and I love you. But more importantly, I Love the God of the Heavens and Earth who will someday soon reclaim HIS OWN. Praise be to GOD!!!!!!!!

    • Peter A says:

      Hi. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to attend as many dinner dates as we would like. Particularly when they are halfway across the world from us as this one sadly is. Also, our most talented dinner guest is a strict vegetarian which we fear might cause slight embarrassment.

    • Daniel Shunk says:

      Peter – I have to say that you’re just not doing your homework very well. You still have the title and premise to this article is error (the dinner is not for ‘Atheists’ or ‘all Atheists’. It has something to do with teaching evolution but I’ll let you read Evidently It’s True’s Offer for yourself.

      What’s more is that now you’re adding more information that’s just not true. Evidently It’s True’s offer does not have to include steak or any kind of meat as clearly stated our the website. Vegetarians are clearly welcome! You can recover all of the lost credibility by agreeing with these items.
      Maybe we can meet some time! Grace and Peace to you!
      Dan Shunk

  4. wow says:

    ….just wow

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