Don’t Panic – Towel Day 2010

Peter A watches the skies in hopes of flagging down a passing spacecraft. Click for gallery.

Today, May 25th, is Towel Day – the annual celebration of the life, works and bathsheets of Douglas Adams.

We at Godchecker have much to thank Douglas for. His writing has always inspired us with its invigorating mix of jokes, robots, intellect, tea, no tea, pocket fluff and philosophical headscratching. He also created several interesting Gods, discovered the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything and, many moons ago, was kind enough to give us a publicity blurb for use in a creative project.

Douglas predicted many things and in some ways the planet is still catching up. Take the iPhone. He not only wrote about such a device in the 1970s, he even predicted the ‘i’ part – the internet – without even trying.

Douglas gave the world more wise sayings and literary catchphrases than perhaps any other writer of the late 20th century. He even invented the number 42. How on earth did we manage without it?

So to remember his achievements – the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide series, the Dirk Gently books, the chapter about the kakapo and the anecdote about the broken nose – we joined in with International Towel Day and carried our towels with us at all times. Click here for photos of Peter A and his towel!

We will soon be adding a section of Modern Gods to the Holy Database, including several by Douglas Adams. The Great Green Arkleseizure, Zarquon, and so forth. If you have any more suggestions for literary/fictional deities please let know.


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