Act of God: Jesus zapped by lightning bolt

The calm before the storm - Jesus in happy times. Click for larger pic

A huge statue of Jesus Christ in Monroe, Ohio, USA was struck by lightning and destroyed during a thunderstorm yesterday night.

The six story statue, built next to the not entirely aptly-named Solid Rock Church, was the idea Church founder and former horse trader Lawrence Bishop and his wife.

The 'Beacon of Hope' - Click for larger view.

The $250,000 statue was intended to be a ‘beacon of hope’, but after being struck by lightning it became a rather more conventional beacon with searing flames and smoke etc. It is now more or less obliterated.

We are left wondering how the quarter of a million dollars insurance claim will fare. This was indeed the ultimate Act of God…

Original story here.

More dramatic pics can be found here.


3 Responses to Act of God: Jesus zapped by lightning bolt

  1. Andria says:

    I drove by this monster once and it totally freaked me out. And YES it is as hideous as it looks. I am pretty sure Jesus is embarrassed.

  2. Rochelle says:

    I don’t think that Jesus is embarrassed. He is sitting at the right hand of God. And yes, He is also omnipresent, everywhere. I believe this was an act of God. The Bible clearly states in Exodus 20:4 that we are not to make any graven images…

    In Exodus 20:5 it says that we shall not bow down to them or serve them. I’m sure people were bowing down to this statute.

    And if you think about it, we don’t know what Jesus looks like anyway. So this is an opportunity for demonic activity to go on because the statute is not Jesus.

  3. Steve says:

    First this, then Christ Church, AU. Which gods do you think are responsible?

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