Pope Idol or the Hawking and Dawkins Show?

These days we have the X Factor Competition between the Omnipotence of POPE IDOL and the HAWKING & DAWKINS BIG BANG SHOW.

The Good Old Gods tried and tested from time immemorial suffer sadly from neglect.

The Christian and Atheist Cultures have ignored or are disinclined to believe in two of the fundamentals of Human Faith : a sense of humour and a right to choose.

Beliefs should come in a wide variety and you should be able to pick what suits you rather than having opinions forced upon you. When selecting from the God Market you should be able to exchange or get refunds on faulty deities or worships that don’t work. Think of our modest volume as a catalogue. You should also go for special offers. Try one and get one Free – or Three for the Price of One.

Finally we have it on good authority that many of our Gods do not believe the the existence of Richard Dawkins, Scientology or humans unable to notice sunsets.
As for a God who thinks he is the One and Only – how is he ever going to cope with democracy?


One Response to Pope Idol or the Hawking and Dawkins Show?

  1. Well, I don’t think anyone should plump for the “Three for the Price of One” offer as this is the Christian monotheistic triple-whammy that it took me years to shake free of.
    This God, with its bad case of monotheistiphobia, is a very lonely & sad individual. It sits there with its two imaginary friends effectively talking to itself and raining pestilence & punishment on the human race. Making arbitrary laws, hating women (no mother, you see)and homesexuals (yet to come-out, probably) and generally being very very grumpy.
    It has been rather quiet of late so it probably needs to get out more, get some therapy, make some god-friends and generally get a life.

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