World Music Winner!

July 15, 2011

Huge congratulations to REBECCA THOMAS who has just won a fantastic selection of World Music CD box sets courtesy of our friends at NASCENTE

The Nascente Beginner’s Guide To series is a wonderful collection of fresh, exciting music from all over the world. Whether you prefer your tunes hot, cool or somewhere in between, we guarantee you will find something to make your ears tingle.

Each boxset features a huge range of artists to really give you the flavour of the contemporary world scene, from the ultra-cool groove of Nuyorican Funk to the atmospheric folky sounds of Scandinavia. Get your Balkan Beats disco fix or chill to the smooth lounge sounds of exotic locations…

We adore the Nascente range and have their stuff playing more or less permanently at Godchecker HQ. The perfect music to accompany our vigorous godchecking.

Watch out for more Nascente world music competitions coming soon!


Urgent Spibble: a tribute to Chas Saunders

July 2, 2011

You may have heard that Chas Saunders, the original inventor of Godchecker, died a few weeks ago.

Although he was no longer directly involved in the website (having decided to devote his attention to the equally vital subject of Real Ale), Chas was the original Godchecker-in-Chief and will be sadly missed by all the Gods. Particularly the ones he never got around to illustrating.

We’ve had many glowing tributes and kind remarks sent to Godchecker HQ – thanks to everyone who has blessed us with their thoughts.  Hopefully we will find a suitable way to honour Chas’s memory on the website in due course. Meanwhile, here is the brief tribute which Peter read out at the funeral of this tremendously missed man…

“Chas was pretty much my closest friend for fifteen years. I first met him while working on a local arts magazine. I think I was trying to cadge freebie illustrations. Of course he was delighted to oblige. He found it very hard to refuse those in need.

“That probably explains one incident early in our friendship. One night Chas was woken by strange noises coming from downstairs. Fearing the worst, he crept down the stairs in the dark clutching a big stick, and discovered a scruffy bloke skulking in the shadows of his studio. It was me using his photocopier at 2 o’clock in the morning.

“When I first met him, he was immediately likeable, a beaming genius with an eccentric twinkle in his eye. Yes, Chas really did  have an actual twinkle in his eye. Maybe it sounds odd to say it, but he always seemed just that little bit more alive than everyone else. He had that magical spark of puckish curiosity. He was like a cross between Gandalf the wizard and the four Marx Brothers. He even had magic powers. For example, his miraculous ability to catch houseflies backwards while playing the drums.

“I discovered early on that it was impossible to stop him talking. For the next fifteen years I gave up trying. His mind was constantly bubbling with ideas and anecdotes and the invention of personalised board games. It never stopped. If no-one was around, he would scribble it all down instead. And usually post it through my letterbox the next day in an envelope marked URGENT SPIBBLE. Strangely enough I loved every second of it.

“Chas was interested in pretty much everything – provided it was invented before 1965. Or made of wood. He was a tremendous source of offbeat knowledge. His tales of disreputable jazz-drinking voutaroonie beer cartoonists struck some kind of bizarre chord with me. We spent the next ten years joined at the creative hip producing weird and wonderful projects — and having tremendous fun doing it. Happy memories of prototype Godchecker games tested to destruction over a bottle of cheap wine I will cherish forever.

“Chas was a wonderful human being: warm-hearted, generous, and totally loyal. He was always willing to lend a hand — or in extreme cases help shove an iron-framed piano up a flight of stairs, and he gave his friendship one hundred percent. He only asked in return that everyone around him be happy, fulfilled and as merry as possible. That’s quite an appropriate philosophy for a man who drew cartoons for a living, I think.

“I’m terribly sorry he’s gone. Chas was a huge influence on my life. He inspired me, made me laugh and introduced me to real proper ale. Most importantly, he helped me realise that it’s perfectly acceptable to be yourself, no matter how many people stare at you on the bus. Luckily he has left us with rich memories and a lasting legacy of the entire human condition in cartoon form.

“So farewell to the world’s one and only Grimblemaker. You did the Gods of Beer and Jazz proud. Cheers Chas.”

Donations can and should be made to the National Autistic Society

Animal wrongs: Meet the Creationist Vet

June 9, 2011 is Channel 4’s religion and ethics show. In this episode Dr Sandré Fourie, a Christian creationist and vet, explains why she thinks evolution theory cannot be true.

Original video here.

Pope Idol or the Hawking and Dawkins Show?

October 3, 2010

These days we have the X Factor Competition between the Omnipotence of POPE IDOL and the HAWKING & DAWKINS BIG BANG SHOW.

The Good Old Gods tried and tested from time immemorial suffer sadly from neglect.

The Christian and Atheist Cultures have ignored or are disinclined to believe in two of the fundamentals of Human Faith : a sense of humour and a right to choose.

Beliefs should come in a wide variety and you should be able to pick what suits you rather than having opinions forced upon you. When selecting from the God Market you should be able to exchange or get refunds on faulty deities or worships that don’t work. Think of our modest volume as a catalogue. You should also go for special offers. Try one and get one Free – or Three for the Price of One.

Finally we have it on good authority that many of our Gods do not believe the the existence of Richard Dawkins, Scientology or humans unable to notice sunsets.
As for a God who thinks he is the One and Only – how is he ever going to cope with democracy?

Act of God: Jesus zapped by lightning bolt

June 15, 2010

The calm before the storm - Jesus in happy times. Click for larger pic

A huge statue of Jesus Christ in Monroe, Ohio, USA was struck by lightning and destroyed during a thunderstorm yesterday night.

The six story statue, built next to the not entirely aptly-named Solid Rock Church, was the idea Church founder and former horse trader Lawrence Bishop and his wife.

The 'Beacon of Hope' - Click for larger view.

The $250,000 statue was intended to be a ‘beacon of hope’, but after being struck by lightning it became a rather more conventional beacon with searing flames and smoke etc. It is now more or less obliterated.

We are left wondering how the quarter of a million dollars insurance claim will fare. This was indeed the ultimate Act of God…

Original story here.

More dramatic pics can be found here.

Don’t Panic – Towel Day 2010

May 25, 2010

Peter A watches the skies in hopes of flagging down a passing spacecraft. Click for gallery.

Today, May 25th, is Towel Day – the annual celebration of the life, works and bathsheets of Douglas Adams.

We at Godchecker have much to thank Douglas for. His writing has always inspired us with its invigorating mix of jokes, robots, intellect, tea, no tea, pocket fluff and philosophical headscratching. He also created several interesting Gods, discovered the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything and, many moons ago, was kind enough to give us a publicity blurb for use in a creative project.

Douglas predicted many things and in some ways the planet is still catching up. Take the iPhone. He not only wrote about such a device in the 1970s, he even predicted the ‘i’ part – the internet – without even trying.

Douglas gave the world more wise sayings and literary catchphrases than perhaps any other writer of the late 20th century. He even invented the number 42. How on earth did we manage without it?

So to remember his achievements – the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide series, the Dirk Gently books, the chapter about the kakapo and the anecdote about the broken nose – we joined in with International Towel Day and carried our towels with us at all times. Click here for photos of Peter A and his towel!

We will soon be adding a section of Modern Gods to the Holy Database, including several by Douglas Adams. The Great Green Arkleseizure, Zarquon, and so forth. If you have any more suggestions for literary/fictional deities please let know.

Special Offer: FREE Steak Dinner for all Atheists!

May 19, 2010

Fancy a fine steak dinner tonight – absolutely free? Maine-based minister Daniel Shunk is generously offering a free steak meal to anyone who considers themselves to be an atheist.There’s no catch. All you need to do is not believe in any kind of God and that juicy steak is yours!

This delicious steak dinner can be yours absolutely FREE.

Oh, there is a condition or two. Dinner must be partaken in the company of Mr Shunk, and the conversation will largely consist of the pros and cons of evolutionary theory. (If you are of the female persuasion, an additional dinner guest in the form of Mrs Shunk will also be present.) We trust the conversation will be stimulating and the steaks not too well-done.

Another condition: you must be someone who teaches (or has taught) evolution. (We’re not sure if that applies solely to teaching formally in an academic setting. Presumably a parent innocently telling the scientific facts of life to their daughter might qualify, for example.)

If you’re such a hungry atheist, head over to the special steak offer page at Evidently It’s True, Mr Shunk’s Christian ministry – which according to its website evidently has a few issues with science, and evolution in particular.

The ministry is already championing BOOK TRUTH DAYS, at which children and adults are encouraged to collect and bring along books full of LIES.  “It is our goal to rid our community of all books that would LIE to our kids, particularly evolutionary LIES. ”

Examples of LIES include Cavemen, Gill Slits in Human Embryos or any book which includes the phrase ‘millions of years ago…’

If you know of any such books, please hand them over to the Book Truth organisation where they can be safely disposed of. Not only will you save children from LIES, you can also WIN GRAND PRIZES! Evidently, this is also true.

Update: Mr Shunk kindly pointed out a couple of errors in the above article which we hope are now fixed.

Thanks to @PhillisDorris for the heads-up. Ahem.