Godchecker Competition: Win world music boxsets

July 10, 2011

We love World Music at Godchecker HQ.¬† Whether it’s traditional acoustic rhythms, funky Afrobeat, chilled-out Buddha Lounge, or Klezmer gypsy madness, world music continually inspires and invigorates us.

Now, thanks to our friends at Nascente, we have a brilliant selection of FIVE world music Beginner’s Guides boxsets to give away to one lucky Godchecker fan. Each boxset features a huge range of artists to really give you the flavour of the contemporary world scene, from the ultra-cool groove of Nuyorican Funk to the atmospheric folky sounds of Scandinavia.

Expect the unexpected and prepare to encounter some of the most dazzling, beautiful, innovative and exciting music you’ve ever heard!

For your chance to win:

Follow us on Twitter and retweet the #bgtcomp hashtag


Like us on Facebook and share the #bgtcomp message on your wall.

One lucky Godchecker fan will be picked at random later this week. So good luck and get Twitbooking!


St Neil Gaiman: Twitter is not a God

May 18, 2010

Just tabbed across in our browser to type up a quick report on the One Book One Twitter (#1b1t) chatroom session held today with author and extremely good-looking  SF colossus Neil Gaiman.

The brainchild of Wired writer and Crowdsourcing author Jeff Howe, #1b1t is a global bookclub whose members meet discuss, critique and share thoughts entirely via the medium of Twitter. A simple yet, it turns out, extraordinarily powerful forum.

The first book to be chosen for the #1b1t group is American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and today the man himself held an hour-long Q+A session with fans, readers and even the occasional befuddled gatecrasher. Simply by following the hashtag #1bitNG, anyone could join in as hundreds of questions and answers flew back and forth. A fun and enlightening time was had by all, and we hope he returns for a rematch soon.

Of course, your faithful Godchecker Team was there taking notes for our forthcoming white paper (Comparative Geosymmetrical Literary Mythology in the Modern World). Of particular interest was Neil’s comment that Twitter is not a God, it is the Messenger of the Gods. As another participant, @jackalibis, pointed out, where does that leave Google?

We offered to add Neil to our upcoming Modern Mythology section as a new Literary God. He is certainly worshipped by a great many readers. “I would rather be defied than deified”, he said. But we feel he will sit very nicely next to Cthulu, Gandalf and the Great Green Arkleseizure.

We look foward to the next Q+A. For more info about the Twitter Global Book Club, check out @Crowdsourcing.