The Holy Database of All Known Gods

November 2, 2001

Version 2 nearly ready

It’s here!!! We now have over 1,000 Top Gods in our files, and we’re in the process of turning this into a complete online library – with illustrations.

COMING SOON: Find the God of anything, anywhere, instantly!
Deep in the Godchecker laboratories, our Holy Technicians are working round the clock on a fully searchable, cross-referenced version using technology so advanced that they’re inventing it as they go along. (Google will be totally jealous.)

Meanwhile, some people have already started to use this site for research projects. That’s great. We’re trying to be as factual as we can but we will NEVER be boring! We’re working on Version 2 of the Holy Database, with over 1000 Gods ready to rumble. We’ll be posting this as soon as the Index is complete. (Er, next week?)

Peter A is currently researching the Tolkien Gods and hopes to add them to the database, pending approval from on high.

The Holy Database is a work of such magnitude that you may need to seek out the Peaches of Immortality to keep up with it all. As these only ripen every 3000 years we just hope there’s a good crop.


Godchecker Game news

November 1, 2001

Go directly to Hell. Do not pass Go or collect £200

The Godchecker Board Game is currently in beta testing. We now have a demo board which is based on Chas’s famous Grimble game but with hundreds of sneaky God-like twists.

The demo board is totally covered in Post-It™ notes with ideas, scribblings and illegible rules, which makes playing the game something of a challenge. Rumours of a 20-sided dice are too horrific to contemplate.

Chas unveiled a new demonstration board at our last board meeting. It’s been totally redrawn and looks stunning. Although we’re sworn to secrecy, we hope to post some sneaky previews soon. There are also rumours of a miniature version… Stay tuned, and all praise to the the Holy Snail™.